Monkey God – Live Video

Sorry we’ve been so quiet. Tim’s been busy writing new material with James, some of which you’ll hopefully hear in April, and with new partners in Los Angeles, which will see the light of day some time in the future.

For now, we’ve got a special treat for you. We filmed Tim’s show at Dingwalls in London back in May 2011, and here is the first video from that recording. It’s Monkey God from the 2004 album Bone and has been edited for us by the wonderful Natasha Bidgood.

We’ll leave the final word to the man himself :

“Ladies and Gentlemen if you missed our last tour i hope this whets your appetite for the future. There should be more to come from this particular show. Please play loud. Tim”

Solstice Greetings & New Monsters Video…

Solstice Greetings to you all as another year skittles past between our feet, moving fast amongst the rocks and shallows to disappear over the edge of the waterfall. Where does all that experience, that work, love – where does all that spent time go to?

I finally released “Love Life” last year. It was a labour of love. You really get that with the vinyl special edition. Lee’s beautiful artwork and design give it away.

There are only a few left so now’s your chance to buy what will become a cult item. When I am lucky enough to collaborate in making great music I always have faith that it will find the audience that need it.

We are also putting up another video we made, this time for the song “Monsters.” This one was also scripted and made by my friend Mike Mayers. His C.V includes being D.P on “The West Wing.” Greg Arata spent hours editing it, again as a gift. Thank you so much Gentlemen.

Lucas Revolution is my creepy hitchhiker. He recently toured the USA hitching between gigs. The other actor is a talented young man from Topanga.
I love this video – please feel free to pass it on.
Anyone who came to the gigs will know how strong this whole conceit is. I really hope to build on it.

Thank you for all your support. I’ve had a fabulous, creative year, from Love Life to the James orchestra and choir tour . I also saw the release of a tough independent movie “Poor Wee Me”, that I acted in the previous year. I hope you are enjoying the ride.

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Love Life Sale & New Video!

We have a limited number of ”Love Life” albums, which include a vinyl version of the album and an exclusive cd with four additional tracks, now available from the Tim Booth Emporium at the splendiferous price of £15 (plus p&p). Click here to order your copy today….

And we also have a new video, check out ‘As Far As I Can See’:

Gloria Descends – Acoustic Gig, Patra, Greece

Check out this video of Tim and the band at the acoustic after show gig in Patra, Greece.

All About Time on Radio Arvyla

Tim and the Beardos performing live on Greek TV Show Radio Arvyla on May 5th: