Rehearsals & Tour

6am 9.4.2011
Packed and ready to leave for the UK. Rehearsals, promotion and tour of “Love Life.”

In March I flew in for 8 days of rehearsals. Walked in to the Brighton rehearsal studios to find a brilliant 4 piece already rehearsed under Lee’s vigilance. They had rehearsed over the previous months in Lee’s tardis of a studio.

Neil on bass. You may have seen him in My Federation, Lee’s old band. Bass that reverberates through you and a presence to match. A gem.

Rob on drums. Rob’s drummed with me before. Reminds me of a more subtle Gavan – James’s first drummer- he can do the Keith Moon thing but only when needed. I first saw him 10 years ago playing for the Lovegods- immediately went up to him after the gig to congratulate him. Knows how to support a song.

Dan on keyboards. Probably 25. I named him “Youth of Today” as in “So Dan, what would the Youth of Today have to say about this?” Brilliant. A real find. Plays sax beautifully too.

And then there is Lee. Well there has to be one amateur in the group. We’ve done away with the “Muddy Baker” bit and replaced it with “Hairy Watford” (his hometown ) or “ Hairy Watford crack” when there’s no children present. Lee’s the reason this CD got made. He’s the most naturally creative person I know. Check out his artwork on “”. Watch the “Thames to Tama” video of the art installation he just completed with 5,000 school kids. A crazy man overbrimming with energy and enthusiasm.

They all can sing better than me. The rehearsals were as fun as the “All About Time” video reveals.

Oh yeah, and of course, Mr Saul Davies will be joining us for this tour! The video shows his first day rehearsing with this crazy bunch. I’m a perfectionist, if you hadn’t noticed, and Saul makes this just perfect.

So you see I’m flying to the UK with a big smile on my face as I already know what this band are capable of. Now if I can only remember all the words……

Hope you are enjoying Love Life. Sorry about the mess up with the Special Edition.

Look forward to seeing you face to face.