What's Your Favorite Tim Booth Song?

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Postby Lou Purplefairy » Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:20 pm

i have to choose? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i love them all. They all run along like the pages of a book, each song on the CDs is a chapter in a story. Sometimes I jumble them up for a different story in a playlist on the pod. It also depends on my mood. If I am in a romatic mood then "Fal in Love with Me", if I am in a playful mood where I can't stand the mediocrity then "Redneck", if I am feeling like humanity needs to wake up "Monkey God" and now, if I am feeling a bit homely, "As far as i can see" does the trick, and if I feel like I wanna tell someone how wonderful they are when i feel like a dirt bag, then "Heart" . But I can't choose a favourite, not really, thats like asking me to choose betwen all the chocolates in a huge box of Hotel Chocolat Dark Selection, when you know damned well I'll scoff the lot greedily and indiscriminately. I fell like I am being asked to choose between all my friends when I love each of them for who they are. How can you choose when they all speak to your soul?
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