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Postby Monica » Sat May 21, 2011 5:40 pm

The Review
It is always so excited to get a new album. I started to listen to the album after one of the first days at my new practice work. I was very tired and I slumbered and woke, slumbered and woke and felt that I want to die. Do not take me wrong here, I liked it all.

I like the illustrating of the album and the pictures. It is something about that. Have you heard the story about Brando and Rando?

The album is teeming in that kind of way, like the old James albums and the "Hey ma" album, which never tiring me at the music. This album actually make me feel a touch of ADHD. I can not concentrate on all the tunes. I can not play the album from start to the end and then from the start to the end. I have to focus on one, maybe two songs for some days.
When I am finished with the interpretation of the lyrics I can properly write one book for each song. It is a case for PhD studies.

Right now I do not have the lyrics in front of me so maybe this is not exactally right citated, Do yourself a favour and accept that I am into you I can not write more.

The tempo in "All about time" is great. Wonder who they follow?

Following the rabbit in "Monsters" is frightful and funny at the same time. Rabbit seems to have the best answer on his life:)

To say something negative, I do not like the person he sings about in "Harbour" and I do not find any conncection to the one in "Buried alive".

I do not want to write more. I want to have the rest what I feel for the music for myself for the moment.
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Re: Album - thoughts, favourite songs

Postby itisme » Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:59 pm

So now I´ve bought the Love Life-album, and I love it! :D It arrived today, and it was the first thing I saw when I came home.
Favourites? Hm... All About Time, Consequences ( this one has a big wow-factor!! The cosy way he sings...), Harbour, Buried Alive, Point of Darkness, As Far As I Can See,...oh yes, as far as I can see - the favourites will be more and more! :lol: (Monsters can be on the fav.-list too.) This is a very good album, I´m so glad I bought it.
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Re: Album - thoughts, favourite songs

Postby timbo » Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:09 pm

So four and a half months on & I must have played Love Life at least 10 times a week and I still don't have a favourite.
I still play it from start to finish & don't skip or rewind any track. If I had to take one track to a desert island I would say it would be Buried Alive, but then Harbour comes on & so it goes on & on with each track. I guess there are a couple of tracks I like less than the others by now but I still love them.

Tim - if you ever read this forum, another couple of shows wouldn't go amiss.
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